Nicholas Meyler Recruiter/Broker for "Disruptive"​ Talent. Questing for the Next $Trillion Unicorn.

May 4th, 2016

A few years ago, an "entrepreneur" defrauded me out of $120,000 worth of services, by lying about having "$6 million in funding... More

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Bernard Ang

September 18th, 2016

I started engaging a team of programmers since July 2012 when the company was fully into building websites for consumers. Since then, they moved... More

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Patrick Colmenar Development Manager at LDProducts

January 28th, 2016

I'm looking at some recent fraud that our fraud review system failed to flag. From my viewpoint, it's obvious these orders should have been stopped.... More

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Bk Kumar Co-founder

September 23rd, 2016

Yesterday I read a very interesting piece covering the alleged fraud conducted by the founder of Hampton Creek by doing buybacks... More

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January 4th, 2017

I was working on a web site with portal which have large number of features like + company advertisement. It's really a good website, I made... More

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