Investment strategies

Marion Lemoine I'm Marion, I work on communication in a startup

March 9th, 2017

I would like to begin something with a co-founder (friend of mine) but we both don't have any ressources to invest in our project.

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Curtis DeWayne White Im blessed to say I am the Founder of "Postablur."

January 29th, 2017

I am trying to figure out if I have wasted the past year on my business structuring versus app build and promotions.

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Thomas Knoll Executive Advisor & Business Coach. I help entrepreneurs survive and thrive at building their teams and businesses.

June 2nd, 2015

I've been watching for a while now, because I think the people behind it are great, and more importantly, I appreciate their motivation for... More

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Angel Otero Consultant en Freelance IT Consultant & Service Provider

September 19th, 2016

Theranos was able to receive investments totaling $686M with a valuation close to $9B according to Crunchbase. Some of its top tier investors included... More

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Melissa Askari VP of Vision Development at Mind Above Matter, LLC

May 11th, 2015

I have been considering creating a members only club for accredited investors. This club would be for those who want to be passively involved in real... More

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Nik White Founder of TalentMob - a talent show in your pants

Last updated on February 26th, 2017

I think I have the drive and determination (been building out this same idea for 2.5 years now), the discipline, and sometimes even the smarts. And... More

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Steve Procter Tech entrepreneur seeks cybersecurity startup team

Last updated on March 21st, 2017

I have just posted a reply at and it got me thinking, who needs who most out of the investment... More

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Brent Cohen International Marketing, Communications & Product Leader

December 15th, 2016

Tech firms are offering a mix of discounted tech work in exchange for equity as well as some amount of capital investment. How do we evaluate this... More

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